Harrison Sutton Partnership were the architects whom helped build the current Hearts Together Hospital Hotel and so it only seemed natural to invite Harrison Sutton Partnership to continue their fantastic work and join us on our re-development journey. 

"It is a privilege to continue this longstanding relationship and be asked to design new proposals reflecting the ongoing success of the Charity. It is a project we fully embrace and support and have really enjoyed working on it with the amazing team at Hearts Together. "

- Stuart Kittlety, Partner 

Harrison Sutton Partnership has designed and secured the Planning permissions required for the ambitious two-phased, bespoke Hospital Hotel rebuild, a key part of ensuring that the project meets various permission requirements but also delivers and meets the multiple needs of the many patients, carers, relatives and health professionals who will rely on our services. They have liaised with the Local Authority to ensure that design tweaks have all been ratified and that the planning conditions are discharged, ultimately allowing the build to commence on site. Harrison Sutton Partnership will be maintaining a close involvement throughout the build, as part of the overall design team, to assist in the development and delivery of our purpose-built dual building Hospital Hotel, helping to ensure that the design ethos is retained throughout.

As a Practice, Harrison Sutton Partnership supports many charities, large and small, both local and national, through various forms of sponsorship. Providing services 'above and beyond' expectations is just one way in which they have supported the Hearts Together Big Build project.