It was no ordinary day at Whiteford Road Tennis and Badminton Club this September when one of their members collapsed. 

The gentleman in his 70s suffered a cardiac arrest  and was saved by the quick actions of a fellow member who performed CPR and used the clubs defibrillator to bring him back to life.

Whiteford Road Tennis and Badminton Club purchased their defibrillator through the HeartSWell defibrillator programme in May of this year and the members received CPR and defibrillation training in June. Only three months later this device and these skills were called in to action!

It is fantastic that so many clubs and groups are looking to install defibrillators and the importance and necessity of them is evidenced here. If the club had not had a defibrillator the gentleman may not have survived, every minute counts in these situations. 

The quick actions of Maggie - our first HeartSWell superhero and her willingness and ability to step in and confidently provide CPR and use a defibrillator show just how important training is too. Knowing what to do and how to do it saves lives. 

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