Hearts Together Provide Defibrillators for Communities, Clubs, Schools and Organisations Across Devon and Cornwall

  • A defibrillator is a machine which restarts the heart in the event of a cardiac arrest.
  • If a defibrillator is used within 3 – 5 minutes of cardiac arrest, survival rates jump from 6% – to 74%.
  • A defibrillator could save your life.

A semi automated LIFEPAK CR2 defibrillator costs £1,959.60 and a fully automated LIFEPAK CR2 £2,062.80 however the fundraising that Hearts Together undertake enables us to contribute towards this cost to ensure that as many defibrillators as possible are placed in our communities.

We ask that where defibrillators are being placed for full public access, organisations pay from £500 towards the cost and where defibrillators are not publicly accessible that organisations pay from £1000 toward this cost.  For more details please read our  Frequently Asked Questions

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To enable us to continue our defibrillator programme, we ask that our defibrillator recipients support the charity by undertaking fundraising activities and do all they can to raise awareness of the need for this life saving equipment. There are many ways you can get involved and our aim is always to make fundraising fun!

Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference.

Could you help us continue our work to create a heart safe south west?

Click here to check out our latest defibrillator appeals and make a donation now. Alternatively you can set-up your own fundraising appeal to support this fantastic work and help us to save lives.