Having purchased a defibrillator for their club, Plymouth Argaum have gone on to show their support for HeartSWell, by adding our logo to their kits to promote our charity to other clubs in South West. It is hoped that this will also encourage others to invest in vital life-saving defibrillator equipment. 

At present 12 people under the age of 35 die each week from sudden cardiac arrest and we are seeing a growing number of sports-people and athletes being affected by cardiac arrest. It is fantastic to see local clubs working together to raise funds to provide a defibrillator as part of their 'first aid kit' and in doing so helping to make the south west heart-safe.

We would like to say a big thank you to the club and all the players for raising awareness and for their fundraising efforts to enable the charity to help others.

To find out more about our defibrillator programme click here!