Come and join our team! We've currently got TWO vacancies to join our team here at Hearts Together in Plymouth!

Volunteer Coordinator (part time). The role of Volunteer Co-Ordinator is key to the successful delivery of our charitable services and also to the long-term sustainability of the charity (Application deadline: 22/03/2024):

Find out more here! - Volunteer Coordinator

Operations Manager (full time). The role of Operations Manager is critical to the long-term sustainability of the charity and plays a pivotal part in ensuring that we remain both relevant and necessary (Application deadline: 20/03/2024):

Find our more here! - Operations Manager

Hearts Together has big plans for the future and the role of Operations Manager and Volunteer Coordinator are key to our success. Our day-to-day operations are extremely busy and we have a number of new projects we are set to start this year, which is very exciting. Ensuring that we provide a safe and welcoming environment for our guests and our team is hugely important and continuous improvement is at our heart. We are not just looking at what we do today but how we will do things in the future and how we can successfully scale our operation to meet our long-term ambitions.
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