It was great to visit our local community recently and have the opportunity to say a personal THANK YOU!

Our local Whitleigh Co-Op members community have once again been incredible! Through the Co-Op member's good causes scheme, together they have raised a whopping £3,110.10 for Hearts Together!

These funds will help us to provide free lunches for our guests during their stay at Hearts Together Hospital Hotel.

Unlike a holiday whereby individuals may have saved up for their break away, stays away from home related to health issues are often unexpected and unplanned. These stays may cause emotional and financial strain on people as they try to juggle caring for their loved ones and supporting their normal day-to-day lives.

Our free lunches service will provide the opportunity to allow guests to take a break and look after themselves as well as help to reduce the financial burden of providing food while away from home.

We are now on the lookout for local Volunteers who may have an hour or two to spare to help us provide this service. Interested? Contact us: [email protected]

THANK YOU CO-OP and our local community for your continued support!