Hearts Together have recently teamed up with the charity Gifted Women in Plymouth, to combine our need for volunteers and their need for local work placements and volunteering opportunities for the many women they support back into the workplace. This partnership aims to provide opportunities for individuals to make a positive impact whilst gaining valuable work experience and providing much-needed support at Hearts Together Hospital Hotel. We hope working together opens new and unique pathways into the world of work and empowers individuals to build brighter futures.

We recently had the pleasure of working alongside Stacey, who volunteered on our Guest Services team. Stacey had endless amounts of enthusiasm, showed real compassion and understanding for our guests and really applied herself to try new skills. We wish Stacey all the best moving forward in her next placement and all of her future goals.

"A welcoming, inclusive and professional team. An absolute pleasure to work alongside. I learned new skills. Overall a very valuable experience." - Stacey

Learn more about Gifted Women!

Gifted Women are "dedicated to supporting women who are rebuilding their lives after substance misuse, homelessness and contact with the criminal justice system, with fresh starts and pathways into the world of work. We believe every woman is gifted and talented, and can shine with the right opportunities."

Gifted Women provide help in securing work placements and volunteering opportunities, enabling these Women to gain valuable skills, rebuild their confidence, and explore potential career paths. By partnering with local businesses and organisations in Plymouth, the initiative helps bridge the gap between women seeking employment and employers or charities eager to provide meaningful opportunities!

This serves as a great example of how collaboration and community involvement can transform lives and create positive change.