Whilst attending Cardiac rehab, I was put in touch with HeartsWell after I spoke to a student of theirs. I was telling her of my sudden heart attack and how my 8 year old little girl had put a 'brave front' on for the first 2 months and then broke down with all the trauma and fears she had as a result of her Daddy almost dying.

I rang them soon after and very quickly they arranged for counselling sessions for her. I was a bit unsure at first as to whether or not an 8 year old would be suited to this but after speaking with Maiya, she said she would like to do it. She thrived on it and loved every minute. It helped us as a family to work through things at home too.

We have all moved on and with open chats and 'happy tears', we are back to where we were before the scare in our lives.

The help we received from Heartswell was a massive step forward and we are forever grateful and thoroughly encourage anyone else in this position to seek the same. Thank you so much to the team

Mark, Maiya and Family