Our story runs over 2 and a half years, the first 2 were the worst for us, as Martin spent almost 5 months in Derriford Hospital at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, so we were apart for a very long time. It was agony not being able to be there at his worst moments. 

Skip forward to May 2022, Martin was given a life or death decision, neither had much of a positive outlook. I knew this time I had to be there for him and Hearts Together was our lifeline. 

A friend had spent time at Hearts Together Hospital Hotel in Plymouth before Covid, and as soon as she knew what we were facing she immediately told me about this fabulous place. Without hesitation, I called the reception, from that moment I knew we were in the very best hands. 

There are so many reasons that I could go on and on about how this very special place saved us both. The staff are fabulous, there if you need something simple like a phone charger, or a shoulder to cry on. The rooms are lovely, bright, clean and they feel friendly. The surroundings are stunning, on numerous occasions, I sat outside watching the deer in the gardens. I originally booked 2 weeks but very quickly realised that I would need much longer, I think I was there about 6-7 weeks in total. I was able to return home and come back and still have a room available to me. 

But what did it do for me and Martin? Well, I was at his side at 6am the day he went to Theater, I could not have done that if I'd had to travel 40 miles to the hospital,  I was able to go to all the visits and when he called and said I need you now I was able to be there. The help-yourself breakfasts kept me going till lunch. The 15-minute walk back and forth made me feel like I was able to take time out for me, the walk also helped with my mental health.

I could not have gone through all the ups and downs of the hospital stay without Hearts Together. Also meeting up with other people at the Hotel who were in the same position as me was an incredible help. The counselors being on hand were brilliant if you needed to talk. 

Every hospital should have a Hearts Together,  it's life-saving.  I even brought Martin out of the hospital when he was up for a trip out and took him to Hearts Together,  that was great for us both we even got a lift back in the Hearts shuttle transport. 

Martin was recovering really well from the heart operation, he has since had a stroke, but he's home and recovering well, he was treated at our local hospital, unfortunately, they don't have a safe haven called Hearts Together. 

Mary & Martin from Teignmouth Devon.