I can't thank the team enough for all that they did for me. It is only when faced with situations out of our control that a charity like this, becomes almost family. 

January this year my husband collapsed out of the blue, little then did I ever imagine the long journey ahead of us. He ended up being in hospital for nearly 3 months due to heart issues and adrenal complications.

After an initial stay in Barnstaple Hospital which was only 10 miles from home, he was taken to Plymouth Hospital with 1 hour's notice. I was so worried and scared. As he left for the journey a very kind nurse came and spoke with me. I said I had no idea what I was going to do. She handed me a leaflet and said this charity, Hearts Together in Plymouth, will help you.  I had never heard of this amazing charity before, I phoned the number and spoke to a very friendly voice. 

I explained I was on my way to Plymouth. The kind lady managed to make a booking for me for the next 4 nights. Once my husband was settled I went to find the Hearts Together hotel. It was only minutes away from Derriford Hospital. On arrival, the staff were so friendly, I briefly explained the situation and the staff explained that they were there to help me and I was shown around the hotel. They also showed me access to hot food which was a godsend as I had not thought about food and other provisions.

Throughout my stay and also the following 5 other stays they were amazing! I felt safe and for me, that was a huge relief as I felt emotionally exhausted. The staff drove me to and from the hospital in the Hearts Together Shuttle when needed, nothing was too much trouble.

On returning one evening from visiting my Husband in the hospital, I was feeling a little down and upset when a friendly face appeared in the dining room and asked if I was okay. We got chatting and after a while, I felt calm and relaxed. This lovely lady was Jackie, one of the evening counsellors at the Hearts Together Hospital Hotel, to me she was an angel in disguise, a total tonic. 

For me being so close to Derriford hospital, in such a lovely setting, was so comforting, especially as the rest of my family were all in the Midlands. I was able to relax in the evenings and have breakfast in the dining room, often sighting the beautiful deer that roam freely around the hotel gardens. Without this fantastic charity, my time in Plymouth would have been a totally different experience I’m sure. Also, they were amazing when booking, offering the flexibility needed during unpredictable times and never charged when I had to cancel a few times due to my Husbands operation being cancelled by the hospital.

I am pleased to say that my husband made a full recovery and is now home enjoying life. Thank you, Lisa