"My huge gratitude to the Hearts Together Team". 

It is hard to know where to begin. What a treasure is Hearts Together Hospital Hotel in Blunts Lane. I stayed with you for a week while my partner, Keith, underwent heart bypass surgery. The supportive environment was tangible from the outset, I received a warm welcome and clear information. 

The cleanliness of the environment and the overall presentation is amazing. I noticed how the staff team assisted throughout the day to keep the communal areas clean and tidy and of course, in turn, helped encourage us all to keep it that way. The facilities contributed to the sense of welcome - adequate and ordered space in which to store and prepare food, laundry facilities with a washing line (I didn't think I would need this but an accident on the ward meant that Keith's going-home clothes needed attention before departure arrived!) and a beautiful outside seating space overlooking woodland - not to mention the deer too!

Being able to come and go meant I could visit the hospital several times a day for shorter periods to allow Keith to rest or to fit in with the Ward routine. I loved my room; it was a place of tranquillity and welcome each time I returned - beautifully equipped and clean. I returned one day to a note under my door from one of the Supporting You team counsellors, Fran, I was so moved and although the timings meant we were unable to meet I am so grateful for that contact and to know support is on hand. 

I needed to extend my stay beyond my original booking as things at the hospital end were bumpy at times. My enquiry was met with sensitivity and compassion - thank you. 

It is so exciting that Hearts Together is hoping to expand - more of the treasure can be shared and experienced. Interestingly, during my stay, I realised that a significant potential stressor was not present - car parking. What a joy to park easily and not be wondering whether a space would be viable. I mention it as it surprised me to discover that it made such a difference and contributed hugely to my sense of well-being. I hope that in the future development, this may also be provided.

Thank you again for everything. Everyone I met was a treasure - thank you hugely.

With all our love,

Tricia and Keith.