Scouts planting seeds Hearts Together were delighted to be joined by the 59 Seaton Squirrels Scout Group this weekend as part of Volunteer Week and to celebrate The Power of Youth Day! The Squirrels were incredibly busy, getting stuck into lots of fantastic projects at Hearts Together Hospital Hotel.

The children helped us plant a range of herbs into seedling pots, including Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme. These will be part of a new mini herb patch in our garden, adding more diversity and colour to our beautiful space, and providing guests with fresh herbs for cooking.

They also got super creative by painting lots of pebbles with smiley faces and bright colours, making them stand out in the garden. We plan to use these pebbles to create a scavenger hunt for children staying with us, whether they are visiting a family member or undergoing treatment themselves. This will offer the children staying with us a fun activity to do and something different. 

Additionally, the group created a beautiful 'Helping Hands' Hearts Together painting, using their fingers and hands to form the leaves of a tree. This vibrant group artwork will be displayed at the hotel, adding some lovely colour to our walls. Thank you, 59 Seaton Squirrels, for volunteering with us!