Our hospital guest accommodation provides a safe and comfortable place for patients, friends, carers and relatives to stay when they or a loved one are under-going treatment at one of our local health care centres.

Being able to stay close by during these times can make a huge difference to how people feel and the recovery times for patients. With our local health centres providing treatment for people living across the peninsula and those holidaying here we have seen a growing need for our hospital guest accommodation.

We try to ensure that everyone who needs us is able to stay but sometimes circumstances can be very difficult and prolonged stays can also become a financial burden. We use gifts and donations to provide bursaries for those who are most in need to ensure that they too can be close to their loved ones and support their treatment and recovery.

If you are taking part in a challenge event or hosting a fundraising activity, you can create your own fundraising page here and share this with friends and family and on social media today!

Every gift no matter how small, makes a big difference to someone.