Welcome to my fundraising page! I'm Nick Lewis, and I'm challenging myself to complete a Supathon (12hr Paddle Board trip!) on 21st June 2024, between 6pm and 6am in Barry, Wales, to raise funds for Hearts Together!

 Fundraising challenge details

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I know that many LGBTQ+ individuals have to access healthcare across the border in England. With the current cost of living crisis, travelling for up to or over 3 hours and then finding affordable accommodation can place a huge financial burden on people. In some cases, this can mean treatment has to be delayed simply due to the costs and affordability.
I found that having access to a wonderful, quiet, calm, and relaxing facility like Hearts Together, where people understand and can support your recovery in a safe space, is invaluable. I only wish there were more facilities like Hearts Together across the country.

Image of Nick on his SUPThe staff team at Hearts Together are second to none. They have a great understanding of and compassion for why people are staying, supporting people from all walk of life, including the Elderly, Children and Young People, families, people with disabilities, or family members who just want to be close to their loved ones, everyone is treated equally and inclusively, with many people accessing the facility from out of area, like myself from Wales.

The staff have extensive local knowledge about transportation, places to eat, takeaway facilities, and they also provide a great communal lounge and kitchen area where you can relax and prepare something to eat. If you're lucky enough during your stay, you might have a wonderful encounter with a wild deer nibbling on the lawn!

Without the support of Hearts Together, many people would have to weigh up the cost of living versus their health and well-being. This is why I have chosen to undertake this fundraiser in aid of Hearts Together: to support this wonderful charity and help them continue to help others in similar situations to mine.

Thank you so much for supporting my Fundraiser!

Nick Lewis