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Community Defibrillator Programme

This will allow us to place a defibrillator a week in the local community and help to create a heart-safe south west. Defibrillators save lives - if a defibrillator is used within 3 - 5 minutes of a cardiac arrest, survival rates jump from 6% to 74% Read more

Pay it forward

If you have been helped by our charity and would like to help others like you, why not make a donation or fundraise for our pay it forward campaign Read more

On the buses!

Raising funds to place defibrillators on 16 buses across Plymouth as part of a pilot scheme to evidence the need for them to be placed on every bus across the UK. Read more

Clem Spencer Memorial Appeal

Our retired Chairman Clem Spencer sadly passed away on 6th June 2019, having supported our charity for almost 25 years and having served as our Chairman for 10 years. Read more

Hospital Guest Accommodation Bursary Fund

We use the money raised through this appeal to provide financial support to individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford to stay at our Hospital Guest Accommodation. Your support makes a huge difference to people's lives. Read more