Saving Lives

We are extremely fortunate to have had the support of Sarah Dormor, Lead Resuscitation Officer at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust for the past 4 years. In this time Sarah has volunteered her time and trained over 4,500 people in CPR and defibrillation.

Since the defibrillator and training programme began, 2 lives have been saved which is incredible.  


Why is training so important?

CPR and defibrillation training and awareness make a significant difference as to whether or not people feel confident to take action should a situation arise where CPR or defibrillation are needed.

It is estimated that only 40% of bystanders who witness a cardiac arrest, perform CPR

We strongly suggest that everyone receive awareness training as a minimum to support more people to become confident and competent in CPR and defibrillation.

Every minute without CPR and defibrillation, reduces a victim's survival rate by 7-10%


Who provides training?

There are many different training providers across the South West who you can reach out to for support with training in your area such as The Red Cross and St John's ambulance.

We also have anumber of individuals who kindly volunteer their time to provide training when possible in their local areas.

Sarah Dormor, Lead Resuscitation Officer at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust is one of our highly valued and experienced volunteers. Sarah can be contacted by email at: [email protected] 

We also have support from a volunteer Resuscitation Nurse based in Paignton who has kindly offered to provide training in the local area. His name is Martin Copeman and he can be reached by email at:  [email protected] 

If you are someone could provide CPR or defibrillation training yourself, why not become a HeartSWell volunteer. Click here for more information.