Helping to create a heart-safe south west


Our grant scheme

Hearts Together offer small grants to support the placement of fully accessible defibrillators in communities across Devon and Cornwall. We understand that not all communities are able to raise the necessary funds to purchase this vital life-saving equipment and that there may be exceptional circumstances that require a different approach. 

In our experience, most people find that our phased payment option works best in situations where fundraising is a challenge. This option allows communities/groups to pay a small initial payment in order to receive their defibrillator equipment and to then carry out further fundraising over a maximum period of 12 months, to raise the remaining funds required.

If you do not think that the phased payment option would work for your community group or organisation, you can request grant funding from Hearts Together by completing this short form here


Donations to the community

Hearts Together (previously HeartSWell) have donated a defibrillator to Oreston Primary Academy as the defibrillator that their community raised funds to provide was recently stolen. We have now replaced the original device with a new defibrillator in a locked cabinet which can be accessed by dialling 999 and requesting the code form the ambulance service. Whilst it is always preferred that devices are placed in un-locked cabinets unfortunately there are occasions where a locked cabinet is necessary and it is always better to have a device on site than to have no life-saving equipment at all.