The current retail price of the semi automated LIFEPAK CR2 is £1,959.60 and the fully automated LIFEPAK CR2 retails at £2.062.80. The cabinets we supply retail from £400 to £600 each.

Hearts Together's defibrillator packages, supplying either the semi automated or fully automated LIFEPAK CR2 range from £500 to £1,750. Every defibrillator comes with a rescue kit and a set of defibrillator pads suitable for both adult and child use.

As a charity seeking to support communities to become heart safe, we offer the greatest subsidies where defibrillators will be placed for full public access and/or to support vulnerable people for example refuges or supported living accommodation. All our prices are inclusive of VAT.


Standard packages for defibrillators sited either inside or outside, away from sea water

Accessibility Defibrillator Only Defibrillator + Bracket 

Defibrillator + Mild Steel Unlocked Cabinet

Defibrillator + Mild Steel Locked Cabinet

Full Public Access/Vulnerable Persons

£500 £500 £875 £950

Private/Limited Access

£1,000 £1,000 £1,500 £1,550


If the defibrillator is to be sited near sea water the package costs are:


Defibrillator + stainless Steel Unlocked Cabinet

Defibrillator + Stainless Steel Locked Cabinet

Full Public Access/ Vulnerable Persons

£1,000 £1,100

Private/Limited Access

£1,625 £1,750

If for any reason funding is an issue, it is possible to request grant funding from the charity to cover the full cost of the defibrillator by completing this form. All grant applications are evaluated and assessed on a case by case basis by the board of trustees.